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Central Coast CAMFT E-Tree Guidelines

Welcome to E-Tree

E-Tree is Central Coast CAMFT’s (CCC-CAMFT) internal mailing list utilized by members who appreciate sending and receiving messages on a wide variety of professional topics.  It is available to all members and frequently cited as one of the most valued benefits of chapter membership.  Our volunteer Communications Liaison is Eddie Palmer.  If you are a member and wish to post, please email Eddie directly at:  In the title of your email to Eddie, please write “E-tree Post: Your Desired Subject Line.”

*Non-members interested in posting should contact Kim Richards at for details on how to do so.  Cost is $15 per post.  Posts are limited to two posts per duplicate message and duplicate messages must be spaced out by at least one month.  All non-members posting must follow the guidelines listed below as well.

Guidelines for Effective E-Tree Messaging

Our chapter’s E-Tree currently serves over 300 therapists in our local community, as well as those in surrounding areas who choose to join our chapter or subscribe to our e-tree list.  These updated guidelines have been approved by CCC-CAMFT’s board and are meant to help members get the most out of our online community.

Tips for E-Tree Communication:

  • Be very specific in your subject line so that members can decide whether to open your message.
  • Office to rent in Cambria
  • Looking for consultant w/ expertise in gambling addiction
  • Seeking EMDR referral in Paso Robles
  • Opening new practice in Pismo Beach
  • Announcing eating disorders group in San Luis Obispo
  • Maintain professionalism with your colleagues and respect diverse opinions.
  • Keep messages concise and direct.

Legal and Ethical Considerations:

  • Please refrain from discussing professional fees; instead, you can refer to policies without disclosing actual fees (e.g., private pay, insurance accepted, sliding scale, etc.).
  • Protect client confidentiality when seeking referrals or discussing cases online.
  • Adhere to Board of Behavioral Sciences Licensee and Registrant Advertising Requirements when posting an ad: ( )
    • While e-tree is not considered a “public forum” in relation to advertising, we highly recommend following BBS guidelines with your signature/information when posting.  Please see signature examples below:
Example for AMFT:
Mary Doe, AMFT #9999
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Supervised by Jane Smith, LMFT #1111

If volunteering/working for organization, list name of organization

Example for LMFT:
Jane Smith, LMFT #1111
Anytown Therapy (list if your practice has a specific name)

Terms and Conditions of E-Tree Use:

  • Respectful communication is required.  Offensive or illegal content will not be posted.
  • Messages must be directly relevant to mental health providers' work.
  • No virus warnings, jokes, petitions, political endorsements, or other mass mailings.
  • Limit announcements to two postings per event or offering.
  • Limit duplicate posts to once per month.
  • Use caution with copyrighted material.

Agreement to Terms:

  • By using the E-Tree, users agree to abide by all terms and conditions outlined above.
  • Violations may result in termination of E-Tree access or CCC-CAMFT membership.  If you have questions with regard to these terms and conditions, please contact Kim Richards at


CCC-CAMFT provides the E-Tree service, but does not endorse opinions or information posted. CCC-CAMFT reserves the right to refrain from posting messages that do not comply with E-Tree guidelines. CCC-CAMFT’s volunteer team will do its best to monitor posts and ensure they adhere to the above guidelines, however, each individual who posts is responsible for the content they post.

OUR MISSION To strengthen the Marriage & Family therapy profession & better serve our Central Coast community.

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Central Coast Chapter of CAMFT is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 12723, San Luis Obispo, CA  93406
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