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Looking for neurodiversity affirming clinicians.

  • Fri, December 18, 2020 2:27 PM
    Message # 9439643

    Job Post: Looking for a part time Neurodiversity affirming Occupational Therapist (OT), Psychological Assistant (PA), and psychotherapist to join our practice, Total Spectrum Counseling in San Luis Obispo, CA. Virtual employees may apply as long as they are licensed in CA.

    TSC is an explicitly neurodiversity affirming practice that does therapy and testing. All of our clinicians are neurodivergent, and we want to hire other neurodivergent clinicians (although this is not a requirement - a good fit is a good fit). We are a cash based practice and do not use insurance.

    OT must be familiar with and practice from the Neurodiversity paradigm. You will be providing sensory based assessments and asked to work with individuals and families to utilize sensory and somatic strategies to aid in maximizing performance and executive functioning. 70/30 fee split for all services.

    PA must be familiar with and practice from the Neurodiversity paradigm. They must also have previous experience with Autism assessment and assessment in general. I do not have time to train testers, but I can supervise testers. Experience with Rorschach preferred but not required. 50/50 fee split for all services.

    Psychotherapist can be an associate or fully licensed. Must be familiar with and practice from the Neurodiversity paradigm. Preference for those with training in a somatic or other trauma modality. 70/30 fee split for independently licensed or 50/50 fee split for supervised associate.

    We will provide office space, all supplies, referrals, and marketing. No benefits are available at this time, but we are looking into it for the future.

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